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Career Guidance Program Instructions

Welcome to the Galaxy Career Program

Thank you for getting this program. Before you can officially start your learning experience, we want to make sure you know how to navigate our programs.

How to navigate this program


This program is a free form program, which means you can skip lessons and navigate back to them. Lessons should not be completed in a chronological or linear order. In order to access a lesson, you will not be required to have completed all previous lessons.

You can find your progress indicated in the side bar on the left side. It will also show you which lessons you have completed. Completed lessons are indicated on the right hand side of the lesson by a blue completion mark.

Continue where you left off

In order to access your program, you need to be signed-in. This is required to know if you are enrolled in a program or not. On the main screen of a program, you will be able to press continue in order to navigate to the last lesson from your previous session.

Toggle the program to full screen mode

You can navigate the program in full screen mode in order to hide the program and lesson navigation. By doing so, you can completely focus on the program content, without any distractions on the left hand side of your screen. You can toggle back to the normal mode using the same button.

Toggle the program to dark mode

We have a dark mode version of our programs, this is done in order to give you the maximum user experience. You can toggle between dark mode and light mode at the top of the page using the same button. The dark mode will change the colours in order to provide your eyes with some rest.

How to navigate a lesson

Mark a lesson complete

Our programs have automatic progression, this means you can only mark a lesson complete the moment you have finished all steps off the lesson. The mark complete button will change colour the moment you can mark the lesson complete. You will need to complete all lessons in order to be eligible for certification.

See the status, previous and next

At the top of every lesson you will be able to find the status of the lesson. You can also navigate to the previous lesson or the next lesson. The moment you start a lesson the status will update to ‘In Progress’, once you mark a lesson as a complete, the status will update to ‘Complete‘.

Find additional materials

Lessons with additional material will have a menu to navigate between the video and the material provided for the lesson. Navigate to ‘Materials’ in order to find the additional resources. You will find an overview of the resources under this tab . You can mark this tab complete the moment you have gone through the resources. We highly recommend you to take advantage of these.

Most important resources

Some lessons might end with an action item which is directly available in the video of the lesson. In order to take friction away, you can press the button at the end of the lesson to go to the most relevant resource. 


Multiple lessons have attached exercises. We highly recommend you to take these exercises seriously. Some exercises will require you to post your solution in the comments, this in order to have the community provide you with feedback. Other exercises will have the ability to upload your answer. These answers are reviewed by our team and we will provide you with feedback. You will only be able to upload solutions in .PDF format.


We are here to help and others are too. At the bottom of every lesson you will be able to ask a question. You will also be able to vote on questions. Questions are displayed a ‘Most Recent first’ – order. You can filter on questions with the most replies or on the most upvoted questions in order to see the most relevant ones first. You can also subscribe on questions of others in order to receive notifications when an answer is provided.

How to navigate a video

Main buttons

All videos will have a video preference bar. You can play/pause a video by pressing the button on the left. You will also be able to adjust the volume of a video. At the far right you will find a toggle to watch the video in full screen mode. Next to this there are a couple of other settings, we highlighted below.


In order to provide a better experience for those who are hearing impaired or prefer to have captions, we have an options to activate captions. You will need to navigate on the video to “CC” and select the language you prefer. We currently only offer captions in English – but we will expand to other languages in the near future.

Speed and Quality

Everyone is learning at a different speed. You can adjust the speed of every video to 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x, 1.5x and 2x. Speed can be adjusted under ‘Settings’.

Next to this, we also allow you to adjust the quality of videos. The default quality is ‘Auto’ which means the quality will be adjusted to your internet bandwidth. You can adjust the quality to 240p, 360p, 540p, 720p or the best quality 1080p. We recommend to use at least 720p in order not to disrupt your learning experience.

Other questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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